Craft Bakery Spiral Mixers

Brook food are really in the mix when it comes to offering a selection of mixers to the bakery and confectionery industries with Polin craft planetary models up to 160 litres, spiral machines from 35 to 500kg and industrial models covering spiral, twin arm, planetary etc.  Brook Food are also Hobart main agents, and of course being the mainstay for many producers, Hobart machines are world renowned and very popular throughout many applications.

In terms of innovation, Polin have recently launched the 4MIX which for industrial sites adds to the options available for continuous mixing solutions. The standard range of machines has included the ‘Avant Force’ double spiral machine for many years however the introduction of a mixer which features 4 spiral hooks sees Polin at the forefront of mixer technology development.

Moving on from a single spiral machine allows industrial bakeries to reduce mixing times and cope with a variety of doughs and other products. The multi tool systems increases productivity, improve workflow encouraging continuous production and allows for products to achieve a fast mixing time whilst maintaining the spiral action and characteristics.  Available from 240 kg capacities with advanced transmissions, the machines do not overheat the dough and can reduce overheads by increasing mixing capacity by completing the work with less operative and handling up to 6000 kg per hour.

Polin’s planetary mixers range includes machines from 40 to 160 litres with the option for a full stainless steel construction across all capacities, this allows more practicality for high risk and sensitive sites.  Processing time can be greatly reduced on the range’s larger models due to the bowl being removed without removing the tool, a unique advantage that saves time and streamlines production.  New innovation within the range includes touch screen control options that encourages easy usability and programming.

For industrial sites looking for high capacity planetary mixing solutions, Polin now offer two machines that are built to a robust, quality specification. The range now includes a high capacity traditional C-Shape planetary mixer which is available in models from 150 to 800 litres. The machine features double tool capabilities to allow for rapid mixing times and excellent results. As with all Polin mixers, the mechanical strength is second to none providing facilities with reliable non pressurised mixing.

For craft bakeries, the Polin range offers a wide choice in capacities and configurations as well as the ability to cope with a variety of doughs at various levels of hydration.

Competitively priced, the Mixers offer a quality Italian build with no compromise. With a compact foot print and by being raised above the floor they offer not only space saving within your bakery but also provide an easier work around for handling and cleaning.

All models can handle a mix of around 8-10% of the maximum capacity of dough, allowing for small batches to be produced to the same quality and without the need of an additional mixer for these products.

To aid industrial sites Polin’s Mixer carousel systems offer overhead and rotational transportation of mixing bowls within factories to various processing areas.

The system allows for fully-automatic movement to various stations. Raw ingredients are automatically dosed in the loading station via silo and micro-ingredient systems.

After ingredient loading, the system automatically transports the bowl with its ingredients either directly to the mixer, or transfers to any necessary pre-mixing resting phases. 

Once the mixing has finished, the system will transfer the bowl with mixed dough to a resting stage before the bowl is then transferred to a lifter/dumper, portioning hoppers or other process machinery. 

The operator has full control over the entire process including all program parameters of the mixer or mixers through the PLC Touch Screen.

The entire system is protected by guarding to ensure safety and streamlined production. The system allows for improved productivity, product quality, and consistency through fully automatic control over the entire process.

These systems can be configured to process many thousands of pounds of dough per hour and are custom tailored to meet your production needs.


As with all craft and industrial machinery Brook have the advantage of being able to offer both new and used machine options, ensuring solutions to suit all budgets and requirements including short term contracts, trials and product development.