Our bakery specialists

Steve Wells

Starting as a trained and practicing chef before the leap to opening his own bakery and then creating Brook Food, Steve has built a vast knowledge which spans over 30 years within the baking industry, with an emphasis on all sectors. Steve is Head Office based and widely recognised throughout the bakery world. Steve’s experience in craft and production settings and his processing knowledge, along with his developed experience allows him to help customers from all types and sizes of bakeries ensure they have the right equipment for the product.

Head Office Based

Steve’s favourite baked product is a classic Jam Doughnut

Ann Wells

Starting in catering equipment supply before moving to the bakery sector, Ann has 15 years’ experience within the industry. Ann has gained knowledge through a solution based approach and is a craft sector expert with a comprehensive technical knowledge of equipment. Ann is our industry tendencies and trend expert and has a conceptual approach, working in the main with craft sector bakeries.

Head office based.

Ann’s favourite baked product is a fruit loaf.

Steve Sanders

Yes, we have 3 Steve’s working for us! 

Steve, known as Sanders to avoid any confusion, has 12 years of experience within the industry. With craft sector experience and being head office based Sanders deals with our wide and varied range of orders from bakery sundries to complete bakeries. Sanders export experience allows him to support customers from all countries covering their equipment requirements.

Head Office based

Sander’s favourite baked product is a Meat and Potato Pie.

Nick Pearce

Nick is a product and ingredients specialist with a technical approach. With over 30 years bakery experience and having run his own bakery business, Nick is able to help our customers with their specific needs and has a full understanding of the demands of the business from a retail approach. With technical knowledge of equipment, Nick’s approach is to work with customers to develop efficient processes and automation, focusing on the end product and retention of quality and consistency.

South of England based

Nick’s favourite baked product is a traditional Cornish pasty.

Chris Lees

A technical specialist and product development expert. With over 30 years experience in the bakery sector including demonstrations, installations and customer technical support, Chris assists with all areas of advice and support to our customers along with customer visits to our test bakery.

Head office based

Chris’s favourite baked product is a choice of either a French fancy or a palmier.

Simon Lawton Hayes

With nearly 30 years within the baking industry, Simon’s key experience is within the Supermarket bakery arena ,  developing and supporting not only the opening of many instore Supermarket bakeries but also in the vital role of bespoke technical training for bakery managers from the introduction of functional ingredients, dough making, baking through to merchandising and display with vast experience of developing successful new product lines.

Simon has a wealth of knowledge of large scale production and technical support.  

Field based.

Simon’s favourite baked product is a simple baked bread roll ready to fill.

Eric Metcalf

Eric left school on the Friday and started working in a bakery on the Monday and has never left the trade. He has built 54 years of experience and during this time has gained knowledge and expertise in most sectors including Craft, ingredients and product development. With a technical background and recognised throughout the industry Eric is able to help bakers realise what they need to improve production and grow their business by utilising the best equipment available.

Based in Scotland.

Eric’s favourite baked product is maple and pecan Danish pastry.

Steve Hardman

Steve originally joined his family business as a baker and has over 50 years’ experience within the industry. 

With a technical background and a craft sector expert, Steve has the knowledge and ability to help all businesses and deals with a wide variety from start-up bakeries to large industrial set-ups.

Based in Wales.

Steve’s favourite baked product is a custard donut!

Martin Jones

Martin entered the bakery industry working with machinery supply and has remained there for over 30 years as we stand. His experience in many aspects of the bakery sector, including industrial production and multiple outlet users, enables Martin to provide customers with a myriad of solutions meeting their specific requirements. He is an export specialist with global contacts and has equipment supply experience as well as technical expertise.

Head office based.

Martin’s favourite baked product is a bara brith – He says it would be wrong to choose anything else.

Seb Davies

Seb joined us as an equipment sales apprentice in 2018 . Seb has a  great amount of enthusiasm for the bakery sector,  having completed work experience within the industry Seb now occupies a position at Head Office focusing on Micro bakery equipment and sundries.

Head Office based

Seb’s favourite baked goods is a cheese straw.