Bread Plants

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Polin’s complete bread plant solutions can offer bakeries automatic loaf production by combining standard individual machines into an integrated plant for faster production.

With the capability of running at speeds of up to 2000 loaves per hour the plants feature a volumetric divider, that uses a traditional block and knife system, a conical rounder, an intermediate prover and fully adjustable long bed moulder.

The Polin volumetric divider features a standard hopper with a 60kg capacity that can be upgraded to 200kg where required. Capable of producing 1200 pieces per hour as standard, the machine offers accuracy and efficiency. Fully adjustable outfeed belt allows for the easy integration with other plant machinery whilst options for easy weight control are chosen between manual hand-wheel, digital keyboard or computerised controls.

The Long bed Moulder features increased adjustments allowing for many different weights, sizes and shapes of loaf to be manipulate before baking.

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