Computerised Pastry Rollers

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For larger bakeries and producers our range of Computerised Pastry Rollers provides choices in terms of scale and production levels to streamline pastry production.

The automatic sheeters are manufactured in Italy with a strong and reliable build to a high specification suitable for factories and industrial plants.

QMT670 ( Semi Automatic) 

The smallest sheeter of the TRONIC line, it is provided with the same mechanical components of its bigger sisters so it guarantees highly professional performances.
The setting of the up-and-down movement of the cylinders is automatic and can be stored in the practical color touch screen (100 programs). The inversion of the belts direction is possible by means of the ergonomic rocker arm or by a practical pedals. The machine is standard equipped with an inverter which allows for the adjustment of the speed of belts and cylinders according to all different needs.
Conveyor tables can be folded up and easily removed in order to easily facilitate the moving of the machine. The scrapers, positioned in a way that allows the operator, to clean both quickly and efficiently.
The wide opening of its cylinders, together with its strong tables, make this sheeter practical to use, highly productive and long lasting. 

Available optional Extras :

Automatic flour duster
Automatic coiler

QT670 ( Automatic) 

The key words to describe for this machine are: simplicity, productivity and reliability. Thanks to the 7” touch screen it is possible to set up to 100 different programs, allowing the choice of whether to start working from the right or left table and also the ability to set the speed of the belts and cylinders up to 60 m/min all in a simple intuitive way. 

In addition to this, the strong and robust cylinders together with a reinforced structure, ensure high levels of daily productivity and reliability. Automatic belts inversion system, foldable and removable tables and stainless steel protection grid, can further confirm the robust nature of this sheeter. In fact the new rise and fall cylinders moving system, allow for the operator to achieve a very thin product with ease, even in the case of hard doughs.

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