Computerised Pastry Rollers

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For larger bakeries and producers our range of Computerised Pastry Rollers provides choices in terms of scale and production levels to streamline pastry production.

The automatic sheeters are manufactured in Italy with a strong and reliable build to a high specification suitable for factories and industrial plants.

Smart 6500

The smallest of the automatic models, the Smart 6500 series, which is available with various belt lengths, features fully foldable belts which allow for ease of storing when not in use. This model benefits from programmable capabilities, program sequencing and storage and many roller and belt adjustments allowing for intuitive use and effective productivity.

The introductory industrial models feature a fixed belts and an open base. The Industrial Smart 6500 series, achieves even further flexibility with greater adjustments and parameters within a heavy duty frame. Options include auto-reel, flour duster and cutting attachments.  Both the Smart and Industrial smart models are able to work in manual modes for smaller batches. Belt and roller width is 650mm with practical roller opening of up to 60mm.


The Autosmart series, with its increased belt width of 700mm is manufactured in stainless steel and therefore ideal for larger factories. Programming options include up to 50 working programs with the ability to link several laminating cycles. The sequential programming offers the possibility of setting starts, stops, increase and decrease of the roller gap to meet specific needs without manual operation.

Autosmart 123

And finally, the largest model, The Autosmart 123, which has rollers of 123mm diameter and therefore capable of handling hard and difficult doughs down to the thinnest sheets, is available in either 700mm or 800mm wide models so ideal for the most industrial of applications and sites.  With such large working areas, the machine is ideal for increased quantities of dough with almost no limit on weight.

For further advice on the most suitable automatic sheeter for your needs, it would be helpful to contact us and talk through your products and production requirements.

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