Tray Cleaning and Greasing

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Precisma tray cleaners offer a unique solution to larger and industrial bakeries and food production facilities looking to clean or grease trays of various sizes and material.

Capable of handling approximately 1200 trays per hour, the flexible machines, with manual or automatic feed, offer an otherwise unsolvable solution.

The most popular model, the ‘Universal’ with its 800mm wide belt, can efficiently remove flours, seeds and dough remnants with ease. Users comment they require the ability to clean trays without removing the precious seasoning and build up that adds flavour and character to their end products and the Precisma system offers just that.

Trays manufactured in various metals and plastics are brushed to remove baking remnants without coming up like new, this allows for a safe baking environment without compromising the flavour baked on seasoning can achieve.


In previous times, dirty trays were acceptable and it was the blacker the tray – the better the end product, but these day’s customers and auditors do not want to see carbon.  We use the machine for nearly every tray after every bake and this normally equates to it cleaning around 6-7,000 trays per day, it fits seamlessly into our production after packing and its robust build is of real quality, it’s definitely up to the job.

John Foster
Fosters Bakery
Tray Cleaning and Greasing

Precisma tray cleaner in action

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