Caught up in the Cookie craze?  Looking for one machine to take care of all your piping needs?  Are your creative cake trend innovation ideas flowing ?

Make 12000 cookie pucks an hour easily and quickly, Sheet cakes for layered baking, lining a tray etc or just consistently deposit every product you’d usually pipe with no skilled labour, all this and more can be done on the Polin Multidrop – a depositor with endless possibilities that could pay for itself before you know.

This equipment offers huge versatility 

Multihead depositors offer huge versatility, being able to create many hundreds of products on the one machine. Any product traditionally put through a piping bag can be put through the depositor.

The Polin ‘Multidrop’ range benefits from this standard type of depositing, as well as an added wire cut facility – in one unit this means a huge amount of versatility in terms of product capability and function, keeping up to speed with core ranges and on top of innovation and with trends.

Products that can be made using standard nozzles and outlets include; cupcakes and muffins with and without inclusions, choux pastry such as profiteroles and éclairs, sheet cakes and shortbreads, meringues - either individual nests or fingers, macaroons, Viennese biscuits, depositing swirls of icing on to other products and much, much more.

With plain, fluted and offset from centre nozzles, static, finger and round products are al easily created in various mixes with sheeting allowing for sponge, batter, shortbread etc. to line a tray or layered for baking together.

Wire cut biscuits and cookies can be easily cut onto trays, in standard shapes, such as round, square and hearts, along with bespoke shapes to suit your requirements, which may involve a famous landmark, a flower or an animal.

How can this equipment help streamline your production process?

These machines not only produce a wide range of products, they produce them with speed and efficiency too by creating a fast changeover between hoppers and templates. This in itself equates to a more streamlined process, offering you the opportunities to save time and increase productivity potentially creating huge labour cost savings and time savings which can give you the opportunity to be experimental and enable the creation of bespoke and seasonal products

The depositors feature intuitive 7” colour touch screen controls which not only allow for easy set-up of product programmes but also for simple use when in production.

Got a new creative product? 

Clever programming can allow users to develop creative new products and the Twiny model, which features two hoppers for two colour mixes or flavours, allows for increased offerings of extruded and filled products as well as pretty wire cut products.

Want to find out more about the Multihead Depositors?

Call us to arrange a trial in the test bakery today on 01984 640 401, let your creative imagination go wild and create many products on one machine!