The Baking Industry Awards recognise the very best across our wide spanning industry and the Baker of the Year category represents the highest accolade in these awards. Winning this award presents a baker at the top of their game, a hands on baker whether it be an owner of their own bakery business or as a key player within an organisation.

Following the developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Baking Industry Awards have been postponed until January 2021. This means that entrants now have even longer to prove they deserve the title.

Benefits of being a finalist of Baker of the Year include an enormous raise of profile as well as a great opportunity to shine after a terribly difficult year, which has required adaptability beyond what we have ever known before.

Past winners of this category have seen a massive boost in business. For example, Aidan Monks of Lovingly Artisan (Baker of the Year 2019) says;
“The award gave us such focus as a business… it gave us inspiration. To actually win it has been incredible. It's given confidence to us and even our customers were all inspired by it. It's had an incredible impact on our sales which have increased nearly 100%.” 

Baker of the Year 2016, Dominic Salter, says that the award massively raised his profile. He received a huge amount of media attention after winning including local papers, industry coverage and the BBC who picked it up on TV. Meanwhile, his business has increased so much that he had to open up a new bakery to keep up with demand.

This extra time gives finalists a chance to demonstrate what they’ve done during this pandemic, and recognise themselves as a bakery hero. How have you adapted to business during this time? All of this will help towards proving yourself as the worthy Baker of the Year 2020. 

Sponsoring this award for the 6th consecutive year is a great privilege and judging entrants from across our industry who all have so much passion, knowledge and dedication to the craft of baking is a pleasure.

Over the past 6 years we have crowned some truly fantastic Bakers of the Year who are all excelling in their game and showing a continued success following their accolades, with 2019 being no exception, crowning the supremely talented Aidan Monks of Lovingly Artisan, Baker of the Year.

Here at Brook we are ourselves passionate about the bakery industry. Despite our day to day business being supplying equipment to bakeries of all sizes, we work with new start businesses and micro bakeries as well as industrial plants, we are also enthusiastic about bakery trends, products and the future of the sector. Being involved with the awards allows us to meet other like minded people who want the best for our industry and recognise the great talents we have across bakeries in the UK.

The Baker of the Year category is about the individual, despite scrutinising within the bakery environment, the award recognises the skills, dedication and achievements of the baker. Winning this award means the baker shows their sparkle; their great abilities to understand their products, their customers and exhibit the wow factor in whatever form that may take. There is no other category across UK bakery award ceremonies that looks for the best of the best and in this process we judge entrants who put themselves up for the highest recognition possible and we would encourage anyone who feels they have what it takes to put themselves forward for this great accolade. 



Enter here: https://www.bakeryawards.co.uk/enter/