Hoxton Bakehouse choose Polin for their growing business

Hoxton Bakehouse was set up back in 2013 by founders Florence and Darren with a vision to change the high street bakery vision and give it a well-deserved make over. And that they have done! Since opening, the bakery has grown massively! Starting with just 1 shop, the bakery now has 5 shops and they don’t plan to stop there!

Here at Brook Food we feel honoured to have been a part of their growing business. This summer, we were delighted to install a number of new machines to Hoxton Bakehouse in Southampton including a Brand New Polin Electric Deck Oven with integrated loader, a new Polin single rack oven and a 160kg spiral mixer.

The new Polin ovens take pride of place next to the other ovens that we have supplied over the years. When Hoxton first opened we supplied a suite of refurbished machines, that we have since taken back in part exchange, meaning the bakery now features 4 Polins in a row. It is a rather spectacular site, if we do say so ourselves.

We caught up with Sam, Office Manager at Hoxton Bakehouse who has been with the team for over 2 and ½ years, on how they are getting on with their new machines:

“Really great, the oven is baking the cookies, bread etc beautifully!”

Sam went onto say; “The team have said how great it is to be able to do 1 bake in 1 oven, rather than having to do multiple bakes in a smaller oven. The time, thus costs, we are saving is fantastic.”

And when it comes to saving time, it is no surprise the bakery need to look at ways of saving this, with the business growing rapidly over the last 18 months. When Florence and Darren first started the business they had 1 coffee shop in a small unit where we installed their first bakery machines. Fast forward to today and the bakery now have a wonderful wide space with the space for us to install their brand new Polin deck oven and spiral mixer.

Hoxton is no ordinary branded bakery with their distinctive bright pink and white colours and skull image. So when the worldwide pandemic hit and we all had to wear masks, the bakery took this opportunity to showcase the brand beyond just the shop. When the team would wear the masks outside the bakery, Sam mentioned how widely the brand was recognised; “I would get people saying to me ‘Ah you work in that cool coffee shop!”

We wanted to say a massive well done to the Hoxton Bakehouse team for continuing to provide people with their delicious baked goods and that we could be part of your growing business.