Large Deck Ovens

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Polin deck ovens are at the pinnacle of the industry. They are designed and built from 85+ years’ experience and offer both the craft and industrial bakeries the ability to achieve an authentic artisanal bake using the traditional deck oven, stone sole method. When comparing these ovens against a smaller more modular style, bakers are offered the choice of traditional electric elements heating the individual decks or an alternative authentic steam tube ovens where water filled tubes are heated, the water turns to steam which is transported around the entire oven gently and evenly heating the decks and achieving a genuine finish. Optional high efficiency live product steaming systems add increased authenticity and crust to suitable products. Steam tube ovens are available with gas or wood pellet burners.

These artisan ovens achieve an unrivalled bake, consistent results and a truly unique baking experience with gentle yet effective steam encompassing the product and when teamed with efficient heat distribution, brings an unrivalled bake.

Ovens are available in a huge range of sizes and configurations. Electric models from 3.2m2 to 32m2 and steam tubed models from 6.3m2 to 25.6m2 across 3, 4 or 5 decks.

Control options vary from independent digital systems for electric models that operate each deck individually through to electromechanical digital or touch screen for steam tube models, which operates across the oven as a whole.

The wide range of optional loading systems assist setters loading and unloading the oven which reduces dough handling and increases productivity

The Polin ovens as standard feature glass deck doors which allow for easy viewing during baking and by being segregated into panels reduces heat loss during loading and unloading.

Highly efficient Polin ovens reach temperature quickly and recovery times are incomparable.

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