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For facilities looking to introduce a production line for the first time or replace an existing line, the range of POLIN universal production lines offer extreme flexibility and versatility which is combined within a quality and robust build.

The Polin ‘Bakers Table’ processes laminated dough after a pastry sheeter or laminating line or can be fed from a 3 roll sheeter for producing products like shortpaste or shortbread.

The line processes the dough into a vast range of products. Shapes can be cut and manually developed or dough can be folded or a top layer added etc.

Able to work with a wide range of products including:        

  • Puff pastry                                                                                           
  • Danish pastry                                                                     
  • Short crust pastry                                                                              
  • Sweet paste                                                                                       
  • Shortbread                                                                                         
  • Sugar paste                                                                                        
  • Bread and roll dough                                                                      
  • Gluten free dough and paste

And to produce a wide range including:

  • Croissants and filled croissants
  • Danish pastries and lattice top slices
  • Belgium and Cinnamon style buns                                             
  • Biscuits
  • Sugar paste decorations
  • Sausage rolls, including twin product fillings
  • Pasties and turnovers
  • Pizza bases, Thins and Wraps

The modular system is based on lines from 3m-10m with optional sheeters, calibrators, depositors and auto tray loaders. It is fully expandable allowing additional tooling to produce different products over time. Intuitive color touch screen controls make for simple set up, storage of product specifications and use by unskilled operators.

In its most simple form, the unit can quickly produce strips or squares and by using specified configuration many products can be created.  Ideal for continuous use or for smaller batches.

The integrated automatic tray loader can be used alongside other automated production lines from other manufacturers. The unit is 600mm wide therefore suitable for 18 x 30” trays and features variable speed control for differing product spacing on the tray.


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Make Up Lines

Polin Bakers Table