Brook Food donate £2500 to The Fire Fighters Charity

As we head into the final quarter of the year, here at Brook Food we are delighted to say that our fundraising for the year to date has reached nearly £14k, with our August donation being the highest yet to date. Our August donation of £2500 is a rather poigniant one.

Presenting the Cheque to the Williton Crew on Thursday 5th September, Ann Wells said :

“This month we have chosen to donate to The Fire Fighters Charity as back in June we experienced a small fire on our premises that required the services of our local crews. We are so grateful to each and every crew member that came out to us that night, putting themselves in danger whilst professionally and competently dealing with the incident. We appreciate the kindness and support shown to us at the time and afterwards.

In our area there are ongoing campaigns to save local fire stations and ensure the ongoing safety of our community's residents, buildings and belongings, we want to offer our whole hearted support to these causes and in the ongoing work of the crews themselves.

If it wasn’t for the bravery and professionalism of the crews we could have been looking at a very different aftermath, thankfully the fire we experienced was contained and damage although disruptive was minimal.

We wanted to mark our thanks with this donation as our monthly charities are all chosen out of our own gratitude and respect, hopefully this amount of money donated based on £25 for every order placed with us during August of £1000 or more will go towards supporting a charity within the fire service that means a lot to our everyday heroes”

On behalf of the Williton Fire crew, Alex Tilley, Watch manager told us “A massive thank you to Brook Food Processing Equipment for choosing the Firefighters charity as their charity of the month, this comes after some really good work that Williton and the local stations put in at a fire within their premises. It was a really nice thing for them to present the cheque to Williton personally and express their thanks in such a way, it really does show they think of their community and appreciate the effort put in by all who attended. The Firefighters charity is a charity very close to our hearts ”

The Fire Fighters Charity are a support charity who help with the mental, physical and social burdens for Fire fighters past and present, helping them recover their lives where they need it the most.

You can read more about the Fire Fighters Charity here